Blink Spell

One of our students is demonstrating the very successful method she is using to learn her spelling words.  The method of repeating the word and its spelling, combined with continuous blinking serves to send a photographic image of the word to the brain.  Watch the video and help your child learn their spelling.

Using this method Esperance can learn and maintain up to 40 words per week.

Method: Spellout the word letter by letter, then say the word -10 times, then looking at the word, blink 20 times, spell the word out letter by letter once more, say the word then move to the next word.





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School Swimming

Keep an eye on this space for new and upcoming events at our school.  All future events are noted on the calendar as soon as the date has been set...

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Mt Pirongia

Trip to Mt Pirongia

We had a fantastic time at Pirongia Forest Reserve testing the water and looking for macroinvertebrates.

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School Info

HIwi the Kiwi Presentation

Pupils may enter the school grounds from 8.30am and should be collected as soon as possible after 3.00pm unless they are attending after school care...

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